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About Us



Nabob Brands, when founded, had one mission – “to provide everyone with supreme-quality products at reasonable prices,” and here we are – 41 years with this brand, and we are still as determined as we were on day one. 

Why Us?

Fast delivery and 100% pure products have always been our top priority. We sell products that are so pure and reasonable that you won’t find anything close elsewhere in the market. 

Also, we keep adding deals and discounts to our page to make our products super convenient for the customers to buy. 

We offer all in one – quality, genuineness, price, comfort, and elegance. This is what makes us different from all other brands.


Nabob was founded in 2014. Back in 1970, a company called “International Wipers” sold wiping products and was called wiping products. In 2014, it changed its name to Nabob.

Nabob is classified into three different categories; Nabob Leather, Nabob Wipers, and Nabob Laces. 

Since its founding, Nabob Brand is determined to provide people with exceptional products at a price they won’t find anywhere else. Today, we are successfully selling many leather and cotton products worldwide.  

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