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Do Old T-shirts Make Good Rags: All You Need To Know

Do Old T-shirts Make Good Rags

Do Old T-shirts Make Good Rags: All You Need To Know

People often ask us: do old t-shirts make good rags? It is common to cut old clothes and sheets into small pieces to make rags. But the question is, are they worth it? Will they clean surfaces or hold dust effectively?

To answer all these questions, we decided to compile a comprehensive guide explaining if old t-shirts make good rags, their other uses, and a bonus Nabob Wipers t-shirt knit dish rag review because it is the best t-shirt rag alternative you will find. 

So let’s get started!

Do Old T-shirts Make Good Rags?

The answer to this question is yes and no at the same time. Old t-shirts can make a good rag as long as they are 100% cotton and in good condition (are not tearing or losing threads). However, if the old t-shirt is not cotton or in bad condition, it won’t make a good rag. 

This is because cotton has many unique properties, including being highly absorbent, durable, and able to hold dust. These qualities are not available in other fabrics. 

Hence, if you are looking forward to cutting rags out of an old t-shirt, make sure the t-shirt is 100% cotton and not old enough that it has thinned and torn.

How Can I Make A Rag From Old T-shirts

To make rags out of old t-shirts or sheets, follow the step-by-step guide below. 

Things Needed

Before you start, make sure you have all the items listed below:

  • Old cotton t-shirts. 
  • Sharp scissors.
  • Rotary cutter
  • Sewing ruler. 
  • Chalk


  1. Lay the shirt on a flat surface and use your hands to flatten the creases and wrinkles. 
  2. Cut just below the sleeves and neckline and dispose of the upper part (sleeves and neckline)
  3. Now when you have the bottom portion only, use rotary scissors to trim the sewed edges. 
  4. Use a sewing ruler and chalk to mark on the t-shirt the size of rags you want to cut. I like to cut my rags in large squares; you can do the same. 
  5. Once done, use the sharp scissor to cut precisely on the marks made by the chalk.
  6. Now you have nicely cut rags. Fold them and store them anywhere you want. 
  7. You can repeat the process with different colored t-shirts so that you can keep a separate t-shirt for a separate purpose. 

Better Alternative To Using Old T-shirts To Make Rags

Don’t have old t-shirts, or are they not acting like good rags? Worry no more because Nabob Wipers has come to the rescue. Nabob Wipers has been selling t-shirt rags along with numerous other cleaning towels for many years now. 

Nabob ensures you provide the best quality rags, towels, and wipers that are 100% cotton and have gone through strict quality checks to ensure that its customers get the best. 

Nabob Wipers’ t-shirt knit rags are one of its most famous inventions. Precisely cut out of 100% cotton fabric, these cleaning rags ensure extreme durability and absorbency. They are an economical solution when it comes to cleaning rags.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about collecting good cotton t-shirts and cutting them over and over again because our rags are available in different colors (polo and white) and packages (0.5lbs, 1.0lbs, 3.0lb, 5.0lb, and 8.0lb).

Other features of our highly versatile cleaning rags include being lint-free whether you use them wet, dry, or with a surface cleaner, soft and skin-friendly. All of our rags are cut 18×18 inches and weigh anywhere between 30-32 grams/piece. 

Also, Nabob’s t-shirt rags are machine washable and dryer safe. This will save you money, and the time you would have to spend if you bought disposable or low-quality rags. We recommend washing them in the water below 40℃ to avoid color bleeding and letting them air dry to increase their lifespan.

You can use these high-quality rags for car cleaning inside out, the kitchen uses, cleaning bathrooms, industrial and commercial cleaning, giving windows a shiny look, drying dishes and glassware, painting and staining jobs, polishing shoes, and for heavy-duty tasks like cleaning paint and grease spills in the garage.

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FAQs — Do Old T-shirts Make Good Rags?

Below are some routinely asked questions regarding old shirts making good rags, so let’s check them out. 

Can I use old t-shirts for other purposes?

Yes, old t-shirts have a lot stored in them, and it is an excellent ideal to recycle and bring them into use to reduce waste and energy resources. You can make rugs, bags, pillows, baskets, headbands, bags, bracelets, wall hangings, potholders, or use them as a plant hanger. 

To know more about old t-shirt uses, read here

Is it necessary to use cotton t-shirts for rags?

Yes, cotton t-shirts perform really well compared to other fabrics. Cotton is known as the king of fabrics for a reason. It is highly absorbent, durable, breathable, hypoallergenic, and more sturdy when compared to other fabrics

If you choose cotton fabric to make rags, they will perform better in terms of cleaning, and you can wash them with ease once they are dirty.

Conclusion — Do Old T-shirts Make Good Rags?

To answer the question: do t-shirts make good rags? We can say yes and no at the same time. Yes, if you choose cotton t-shirts that are in good condition and no if you are not using cotton t-shirts or the cotton t-shirts are in bad shape. 

To get over all these problems of finding cotton fabrics and making rags out of them, we have brought you Nabob Wipers t-shirt knit dish rags. You won’t have to check, cut, or fold rags because we provide you precut t-shirt knit rags that are 100% cotton, won’t tear or wear quickly and won’t fade the color. 

You can use these throughout the house, in garages, and for commercial and industrial uses. It is an all-rounder and a go-to cleaning product for everyone.

So wait no more and get your hands on the best t-shirt knit rag for versatile use. 

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